Student Admission Information

We invite you to enroll for the three year Diploma in Agriculture at the Grootfontein College of Agriculture and prepare yourself to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Kom verwerf jou driejaar Diploma in Landbou aan die Landboukollege Grootfontein en berei jou so suksesvol voor vir die uitdagings en geleenthede wat daar in die 21ste eeu op jou wag.


Grootfontein offers you:


Procedures for Admission

  1. Applications for admission to the College must be completed on the prescribed forms and must reach the College on or before 30 August of the year preceding that for which application is made. (see "How do I apply" for more information)
  2. The minimum qualification for admission to the Diploma in Agriculture instructional program is a National Senior Certificate or such other qualification as the College may recognize as equivalent. Selection of candidates for the respective instructional programs may further be done in accordance with any other criteria and such procedures as may from time to time be determined by the College. Candidates with a minimum mark of 50% in either English or Afrikaans will receive preference. Subjects such as Mathematics, Life sciences and Physical sciences are preferred. Accounting economics, Geography and Agricultural science will count in your favour.
  3. Previously obtained qualifications and training will be recognized by the College where applicable.
  4. No prospective student may report for registration at the College unless he/she has been notified in writing by the Principal. Registration takes place on the prescribed date as announced by the College.
  5. The registration of new students is subject to the condition that a student shall submit his/her National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification, or any other qualification required for admission to a particular program, to the Registration Officer for recording purposes on or before a date as determined by the College.

Rules for Students

  1. General
    1. Every student by signing the official registration form, become subject to the rules of the College as contained or referred to in these rules, which are administered in terms of the Rules for Student Discipline, and such rules which are prescribed by the College from time to time.
    2. The Principal may with the approval of the College Management suspend or cancel the registration of a student at any time.
    3. General supervision and control:
      the general supervision and control of student discipline and rules for students shall be the responsibility of the Principal who may delegate his powers.
      there shall be a Disciplinary Committee of which the membership, constitution and powers shall be as prescribed in the College rules for students.
    4. Students shall acquaint themselves with, and comply with, all the rules relating to students of the College. These rules may be amended at any time.

  3. Rules for Student Discipline

    Breach of Discipline and Misconduct

    • The general supervision and control of the discipline of students shall be vested in the College Management hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee, which may delegate its powers to the Principal of the College.
    • A student shall be subject to disciplinary action when an offence is committed through breach of discipline or misconduct within or without the precincts of the College which either in fact or could be prejudicial to or bring the name of the College in dispute, infringes on the maintenance of order and discipline at the College or the proper performance of the work of the College.