Prospective student Invitation

We invite you to enroll for the three year Diploma in Agriculture at the Grootfontein College of Agriculture and prepare yourself to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

  • Professional training by specialists
  • Practical training of outstanding quality
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Support by the research division
  • Short courses and lectures by breeding societies
  • Low study costs
  • Calm and peaceful campus
  • Good sport and recreational facilities

The College offers a three year study program. A Diploma in Agriculture can be obtained after successful completion of the three year study program. The course focuses on small stock production in the semi arid areas of South Africa.


As the country navigates through difficult economic challenges, a need to invest in critical skills can never be over-emphasized. As education and training landscape is changing in South Africa, more emphasis is placed on technical and vocational skills in order to improve the economy of the country. The Grootfontein College of Agriculture is one of the colleges of agriculture which continues to thrive in the post-school education and training sphere.

The College continues to live up to her vision of being a leading centre of excellence in training, research and extension in small stock production in agro-ecological zones of Southern Africa. This has been achieved over the years by presenting world-class training by highly skilled, committed, passionate and experienced lecturers. High success rate of graduates in the corporate world is testimony to such quality in our offering.

Through the 111 years of agricultural education and training, the Grootfontein College of Agriculture has developed a proud reputation as a benchmark in research and training in small stock sector. Quality is central to what the College does.

The introduction of one medium of instruction which is English enables students to exchange ideas, experiences and lessons amongst themselves as they are from diverse backgrounds in terms of small stock production. Students are also assisted to adapt easily through a diversity management course, group dynamics, ethics and morality.

The College curriculum is structured such that the student becomes a complete farmer and practitioner in the sector. We do not simply want to give you a qualification but life-long skills, attitude and knowledge.

If you want to be part of this prestigious Grootfontein family, you are invited to browse through this website and to visit us at our campus. You will realize and come to the conclusion that, “There is only one place for you and that is the Grootfontein College of Agriculture”.

TP Cebani: Principal


“I owe my success within the mohair industry to Grootfontein, which I consider to be one of the country’s top agricultural colleges,” says Beauty Mokgwamme, the Mohair Empowerment Trust Manager at Mohair South Africa.


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