Parent Weekend

The aim of the parent weekend is to give the students, their parents and the College staff the opportunity to interact and give the parents first hand insight in the activities of the College.

Grootfontein Students entertain their Parents during Parent Weekend 2018:

The 3rd Year Students at the Grootfontein College of Agriculture entertained their parents during the annual parent weekend which took place 14 – 16 September 2018 outside Middelburg in the Karoo. Parents from all over the country, even from as far as Limpopo, came to enjoy the well-organized events with the students. The weekend kicked-off Friday 12pm with exhibitions of the different Student production units.  At Grootfontein the final year students run their own mini-farms and were they extremely proud to show off with their different breeds. The 7 mini-farms which consists of the merino’s, angoras, mutton merino’s, drakensbergers, dorpers, boergoats and mixed production unit where clearly exhibited in the stalls which they created and decorated themselves. During the slideshow presentations which started at 3pm in the Merino Lecture Hall, the final year students had the opportunity to impress the parents even more with all the facts regarding there mini-farms. Although most of them were quite nervous to talk in front of all the parents, they showed much confidence and presented the college in a professional manner.

Saturday morning the students and parents competed against each other in different categories all over the campus. A document with clues was handed out from which they had to figure out themselves where to find the next event in the amazing race, arranged by the SRC of Grootfontein. They had to identify different medicines, shoot target with paintball guns, classify different shrubs, rank boergoats and even visited the post-mortem clinic!

Saturday afternoon the parents were further entertained with a rugby match between the students of Grootfontein and the team of Noupoort Diamonds. The weekend was concluded with a splendid spitbraai Saturday evening in the Recreation Hall.