Grootfontein Diploma Ceremony 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018 was a memorable day for 73 of the third year students at Grootfontein College of Agriculture, when they celebrated their success with their families at the graduation ceremony. 

For the 2018 academic year, Grootfontein has enrolled 236 students, which consisted of 84 first years, 74 second years and 76 third years. During their final year, the third year students are placed in 7 production units to fully manage them under supervision of lecturers and technicians for a period of a year. The units are Angora, Boergoat, Merino, Dorper, Drakensberger, Merino, Mixed Production and SA Mutton Merino. The drakensberger minifarm group started the year by attending the Beef cattle junior judging course wherein Mr Nutt William James qualified as a junior judge for beef cattle.

The biggest highlight in the Merino mini farm is the yearly sale of the rams in the Eastern Cape Merino Ram Sale in January. This year they’ve done well and the highest price of one of the rams was R11 000.

Rams of the Grootfontein Student Angora Stud were again entered into various national auctions and fetched good prices taking the drought conditions into account in the production area. The kids’ mohair was sold in June with very good prices of which the highest price was R462 per kilogram.

As part of transforming Colleges of Agriculture and align them to the norms and standards of Agricultural Training Institutes, the first Advisory Board of GADI has been appointed. The first meeting took place on the November 23, 2018 wherein Mr. Petrus de Wet and Peter Batyi were elected chairperson and vice chairperson respectively. As management, Grootfontein are looking forward to be led by this credible and visionary team.

At an operational level GADI parted ways with three officials, Mrs Beauty Mokgwamme, Mrs Karen Lee and Dr.Johan van Rooyen.  Their commitment and dedication to GADI cannot go unnoticed. They had a huge impact to the students and officials in all the years.

On behalf of Grootfontein management and staff, the Principal, mr. Themba Cebani extended his deepest appreciation to the outgone SRC and HC lead by Jacobus Fielies Breytenbach, for the good work in managing student affairs. The SRC deployed two members to represent the college in a national structure ASATI. The president of ASATI for 2018, Miss Zubenathi Cotiyana is the first female president of ASATI and happened to be from the SRC of GADI!

With a quote from the late Kofi Annan in which he described education as follows, “Qualifications do not always define a true education. Qualifications are like obtaining a valuable candle while a true education is the essence of light that the candle will reflect. The ultimate purpose of qualifications is to find a great job or start your own enterprise, and the ultimate purpose of education is to create a great life,” Mr Cebani concluded his speech.