The Grootfontein Student Portal lets you access all College related matters in one place. The potal was designed with small screen devices, like cell phones and tablets in mind. The navigation bar is hidden on small screens and replaced by a button in the top right corner. Only when the button is clicked, the navigation bar will be displayed.

Without loggin in, you can view general information such as anouncements for every-one. To access items specifically for you, or a particular subject, you have to log in.

Following a few important notes:

  • Visit this page regularly. Important notices will be posted here that may not be available elsewhere.
  • Check your email regularly. Lecturers communicate with you via email. Make sure your email address is up to date. Do not be left out because you did not have air-time!
  • Report problems to the IT Department as soon as they occur. We can reset your password if you forgot it. If you don't receive mail while others do, let us know!

Before logging in, you have to be a registered user. Follow the "Register" link on the login screen. (top right)

Once registered, supply your Student Number and Password to log in. You may now access your profile and change your personal information. You can also change your password.

Please note: After logging in, your login session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity, in which case you have to log in again.

The noticeboard contains important announcements, time tables, news etc. You do not need to be logged in to access these items. Please check regularly not to miss any new items or updates.

When your lecturers post assignments to the portal, you will notice a blue icon in the top right of your screen. Click on it to see if an assignment or course material has been uploaded. Once you have visited the particular page, the blue notice icon will disappear.

View assignments:

This will list all assignments for the subjects you are currently subscribed to. Your lecturer may also upload details about the assignment. You will also see the due date and time when the assignment has to be completed.

Upload assignment:

First, select the assignment code. This is an unique code defined by your lecturer. If the code is not available in the drop-down list, it may be that the due date for the assignment has elapsed. Enquire from your lecturer. You will not be allowed to upload an assignment after the due date has passed.

Next, browse your local computer for the file you wish to upload. Only Microsoft Office and PDF files are allowed. The maximum file size you may upload is 10 Mb.

You may also type in any remarks about the assignment directed to the lecturer.

Click the upload button to submit the assignment.

Review uploads:

Use this option to make sure all the files you have uploaded are displayed. You may download the files to your computer again by clicking on the file name. You may also delete the files if you wish.

Please note: Deleted files will not be accessable by your lecturer! Also, your lecturer will delete your uploads once he/she has received it. This might explain why you don't see your uploads.

Download course material: 

Your lecturer may upload supporting course material from time to time. A list of uploaded material applicable to you will appear here. Click on the file name to download it. 

Statement of Results:

This will display your academic results to date. You may also print these results. Please note that these results should not be used for applying for work etc. Obtain an official statement of results from the College.

Proof of Registration:

You may print a document as proof of your registration as student at Grootfontein. The document will provide information about the semester and year for which you are registered.

If you are a hostel resident, you will find the book-a-meal menu option under your name, on the top right of the screen. This will allow you to book meals for the coming week-end.

You can not register for the book-a-meal system in this portal, so you need to be an already registered book-a-meal user. To register, use the book-a-meal program on the Grootfontein network.

Please note: Bookings for a week-end must be done before Thursday 10:00 of the week preceeding the week-end. Between Thursday 10:00 and Friday 12:00 no bookings are allowed. After Friday 12:00 you can start booking for the next week-end. You can change your bookings at any time before the mentioned period.

The Quiz portal is a learning aid to let you practice and test your knowledge about a subject. Your lecturer may compile a quiz for his/her subject(s) and upload it to the quiz portal. You may then attempt the quiz at your own time. Your results will only be visible to yourself and the lecturer. You will also be given an indication of how well you compare to others that have also done the quiz.

Logging in:

If you follow the Quiz link from whithin the Student Portal, your credentials will be passed automatically to the Quiz portal and you will not need to log in. (Registration on the Quiz portal is done at the same time when you registered for the Student Portal). There may be some quizzes that do not need you to log in, such quizzes are of a more general nature.

You are advised to make regular use of the Quiz Portal to assist you in preparation for your exams.