ABG 231 - Class in the open time slot form 13:40 on Tuesday 20 March.


Week 8 - No IMS 230 on 22 and 23 March

Week 9 - IMS 230 will slot into the free practical times as on your time table - TAKE NOTE - Final Excel Examinations will be done during this week


Friday 20 April - Theory classes

8:10 - 9:00    NRM 111

9:10 - 10:00  ABI 111

10:30 - 11:20  ABG 111

11:30 - 12:20  MMP 111


A Copy of the Marks will only be put up on the noticeboard from test 2 onwards. Make sure you frequently look on the portal if there are any marks available.

Predi – This is your semester mark.  This mark will be re-calculated after every test or practical mark is slotted into the portal.  The average of the best 2 test marks will be used for your final semester mark in addition to any other assessment marks for example practical marks.  If Test Weights is applicable, the Predi will be calculated according to the % of the test weights (not the average between two tests).

Remarks – The Remarks will show “No Admission” until all tests and practical marks are slotted in. Only then will the remark be finalised to “Admission”. If it stays No Admission after Semester Day, you may not write the Examination.

Other Remarks

Incomplete – Part of the subject was not done or passed.  Such a student will then need to re-register for this subject the next year. This is usually subject codes that end with a 0 (continuous evaluation) or subjects where there is theory and practical classes. A student needs to do everything as on the timetable to be able to pass a subject.  If one part is outstanding, you will fail.

Attendance < 80% - You do not have class attendance to qualify to write examination.  No matter what your predi is.

The requirements are 70% for Theory classes and 80% for all subjects ending with a 0.

After the Examinations the Remark will change to Pass or Fail. If you qualify for a Supplementary Exam, the remark will be Supp Exam and if you qualify for a ReExam, the remark will show ReExam.

MOST IMPORTANT – If you do not understand something, ask, do not assume or ask other students for guidance.

NRM 231

Class on Monday 12 February 2018 will take place at the crops building from 08:10 - 10:10. The crops building is situated on the other side of the drift at Grootfontein and where the Mixed Production Unit is. Please go there directly and do not go the classroom first. Bring along a hat as we will be working outdoors. Also bring along a clipboard, pen and paper to take notes.