Authors: Dr JJ Olivier
Publication date: February 2003
Price: R 3795.00 (VAT inclusive for RSA)
Published by: ARC Animal Production Institute
Available in: English, Afrikaans


SHEPHERD is a computer recording program for sheep and goat stud breeders. It can accommodate different ID numbers, up to 3 photographs of each animal, a three generation pedigree, different weight and  fibre traits, linear scores for non measurable traits as well as general remarks on each animal. A strong feature of this program is its flexibility as far as the display format of  specific user selected traits are concerned. It easily switches between information on the animal and its progeny on Animal Card screens. These screens are designed by the user. With a “jump” function, all information on any animal is available at any specific screen. SHEPHERD can export information in electronic format to different institutions and other software programs and accommodate BLUP breeding values for growth and fibre traits. User friendliness and quick capture of new data with minimum number of key strokes, is a characteristic of this program.


For stud breeders who wants the information of each sheep to “speak” to him in order to make progress, this program is a necessity.


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Shepherd costs: R3795.00


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