Who we are

The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute is a Directorate in the Branch Sector Services and Partnerships from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries that provides a wide range of development, research, training and support services to the agricultural community in the extensive small stock production areas.

The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute is rich in history and is situated about 5km outside the Karoo Town of Middelburg in the Great Karoo, Eastern Cape. On its premises it also hosts a section of the Eastern Cape Province Veterinary Services, Agricultural Research Council Fleece Testing Centre and the Eastern Cape office of The National Woolgrowers Association of SA.

Our main programmes are the following:

In addition to the core of the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institutes mandate of providing formal mainstream education and conducting and producing extensive and quality research reports, the following key products and services are rendered in support of the mission and strategic objectives:

Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute covers approximately 11 418 hectares of which 114 hectares are under cultivation and 25 hectares under irrigation.

The service area of the Institute has a Semi-arid climate with an annual rainfall of approximately 360mm. The natural and other water resources do therefore not sustain crop production. It however sufficiently supply in the need to enhance the key products and services in the service area.

The Grootfontein Agriculture Development Institute directly and indirectly delivers on the following:

What we do

The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute delivers the following broad range of services:


Our Mission

Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute strives to promote a vigorous and wealth creating agricultural sector in the extensive sheep and goat producing areas of the RSA.

Strategic Objectives

Key Products and Services